Diwali 2016

diwali 2016


Diwali 2016 Festival

Diwali 2016 or the festival of lights is celebrated with much pomp and show in various regions across India. The name ‘Deepavali‘ literally means an ‘array of lights’; the festival marks the triumph of good over evil. When the diyas are alighted their glow illuminates even the darkest of nights which signifies the enlightenment of soul and the triumph of good over evil. It is about overcoming the darkness of ignorance and propagating the light of knowledge. There are numerous legends associated with the festivities and rituals observed on this day.

While some believe that diwali 2016 is a celebration in honor of Lord Rama’s return to the city of Ayodhya after fourteen long years, others worship Goddess Kali on this day. For some it marks the beginning of New Year and they offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. Though the beliefs vary, the essence of the festival is to spread harmony and happiness. If you want to explore philosophical meanings of this festive occasion and also want to send it to your friends, you can refer to the wonderful quotes given below.

Diwali 2016 Date in India

Deepavali or Diwali is the biggest Hindu festivals celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha of the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin each year.

Diwali 2016 Date – October 30, 2016 (Sunday)

2016 Diwali Puja Muhurat / Lakshmi Puja 2016 Timing:

lakshmi puja 2016 date time in west bengal

lakshmi puja 2016 date time in west bengal

Other than Dhanteras Puja & lord Kubera Puja, the most important ritual of Diwali is Lakshmi Puja. Check below, what is the Lakshmi Puja timing 2016 in India?

Lakshmi Puja Timing: 18:26 to 20:09 (October 30, 2016)
Duration: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

How to Celebrate Diwali 2016?

Each year people of all communities celebrate this festival to welcome a new ray of hope into their lives through this festival, when all the negative forces are believed to be removed from both, one’s home and life. Before Diwali, people clean their home and paint it with attractive colors. Every nook and corner in the home is lighted with clay diyas or electric lamps to expel darkness and ensure prosperity can see its way home. Children and all the ages of people burnt firecrackers to enjoy the day.

Diwali is celebrated continuously till five days. Dhanteras is one of the important day before Diwali, one this day people buy new cloths, pots or jewelry for their family. Bhai dooj is celebrated after the Diwali.